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Pala Rez Radio

Pala Band of Mission I Indians Pala Rez Radio 91.3 FM California

Rez Radio 91.3 is a non-commercial FM station owned and operated by the Pala Band of Mission Indians for the benefit of residents of the community of Pala and surrounding area.

Rez Radio strives to provide high quality local news, health and lifestyle information, music and entertainment, sports, community events, discussions on issues of local interest, education in Cupeno language and heritage and other programs of interest to the Pala Reservation community. Our priorities are:

1. Programming beneficial to members of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.
2. Programming beneficial to all members of the Pala community.
3. Programming beneficial to all Indian people.
4. Programming with educational and/or entertainment value for all listeners.

We currently air about 19 hours of music daily with no commercials specializing in a mix of rock, country, blues, reggae, native bird songs and oldies. At midnight every night there’s an hour of Old Time Radio shows from the 1940’s and 50’s. Rez Radio is the exclusive Southern California home of The Wolfman Jack Show, every Tuesday through Saturday at 6p.

Rez Radio 91.3

Pala Rez Radio 91.3 show listings, news, features, and volunteer opportunities can be found at the Pala Rez Radio Website.

Pala Band of Mission I Indians Pala Rez Radio 91.3 FM California

“Sunday Morning Marley” 9 to Noon Every Week!

Airing more reggae than any other Southern California radio station, our Sunday morning tradition continues. The best three hours of reggae anywhere! Sunday Morning Marley features the legend, Bob Marley along with dozens of other classic island rhythm recording greats. Plus an hour of reggae EVERY night at 7.


The Wolfman Jack Show – a SoCal Exclusive!

The Wolfman Jack Show airs on Rez Radio 91.3 every Tuesday through Friday from 6 to 7pm and Saturdays from 6 to 10pm. Relive the golden era of one of the best radio disc jockeys ever! We’re the only station in San Diego, LA or the Inland Empire where you can still hear the Wolfman.


Fans of Old Time Radio, We’ve Got You Covered!

Enjoy comedy, drama and variety from the 30s, 40s and 50s every night at midnight and Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4p Pacific time. (pictured above – real-life husband and wife Jim and Marian Jordan, the stars of Fibber McGee & Molly)

Mondays – The Great Gildersleeve / Pat Novak for Hire
Tuesdays – Gunsmoke / The Aldrich Family
Wednesdays – Fibber McGee & Molly / Red Skelton
Thursdays – Dragnet / Jack Benny
Fridays – The Life of Riley / Suspense
Saturdays – Tales of the Texas Rangers / Abbott & Costello
Sundays – My Favorite Husband / Johnny Dollar
Sunday afternoons – different episodes of Gunsmoke, My Favorite Husband, Dragnet and Fibber McGee

Rez Radio in the News

Honors From the Radio Television News Association of Southern California and the San Diego Press Club.

Pala Today has been honored by the San Diego Press Club with The Award of Excellence for Best Radio Newscast in San Diego County five years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). Additionally, Rez Radio’s “Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site” nostalgia talk show, heard Wednesdays at 12:30p, repeating Sundays at 1:30 won awards for talk and interview shows for the last four years. Eric Ortega’s “Pala Life Past and Present” won 1st place in the Talk/Interview category 2014. Eric also won BEST OF SHOW, RADIO that year for Pala Life. The show placed again in 2016. Rez Radio has taken home 15 total awards in our five-year history competing.

Rez Radio 91.3’s “Pala Today News at Noon” was first runner-up for Best Radio Newscast (div. B, over 15 min.) in the Radio Television News Association of Southern California’s 2014 Golden Mike awards which includes stations from San Diego to Fresno.